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Djurs Horse and Mountain Trail Park


Our mission

We want to introduce the internationally known horse sport Mountain- and Extreme Mountain Trail to Denmark. This disciplin is about negotiating different obstacles, in a park dedicated to the purpose. A park that takes inspiration from extreme and mountain like conditions, consisting of both natural and ”man made” obstacles.
With inspiration from the US and Germany, the park will include a mix of pools, water stairs, hills, gravel pits, fallen timber etc. And onto more ”man made”obstacles such as seesaws, bridges, boxes etc. To accomodate both competition and clinics, spectator- parking- and guesthorse facilities will also be included. All, with the purpose of challenging horses and riders in a new and inspiring way!

With Djurs Horse Park we strive towards greater unity across all the different horse disciplines in Denmark. Mountain Trail does not depict between the different disciplines, horsebreeds or equipment used. This means, that Djurs Horse Park and the Mountain Trail park is open for everyone. In that sense, Djurs Horse Park can be a center for all disciplines across Denmark and Scandinavia, where we can learn from each other, be inspired and evolve good horsetraining.

The project is estimated to cost around 1,5 million DKK (200.000 €). We are proud to be the first to dare, jump into this kind of great and costly project, However 1,5 mill is a lot of money, money we need to raise with the help from horse enthusiast in both Denmark and Europe!

Being a private business and not an organisation, we cannot claim subsidy or recieve grants from either state or comumunity, NEVERTHELESS we are proud of being private and believe this to be an important component to ensure the high quality that we want the park to have, and allso to bring profit and labour to our local community.

We are fully depentant on our own hard work, the money we can raise in the crowd funding and the next work with applying for fundings through the few funds that allow business apllications- and we are SO READY for all that work!!

Future plans will be to create a local organisation under the IMTCA.  We believe The work is destined to start in the fall of 2017, and be finished early summer 2018, where we will host an AWESOME opening event!

Want to get in touch with us?

The project is managed by Helle Knudsen, that also runs the company Den Hele Ekvipage ApS, that will found the park. Please if you have any questions, remarks or want to meet us - contact her on: or by phone (+45) 40 52 39 56


Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail


Disclaimer: The following description of Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail, is taken from Mark Bolenders website on the same topic. Hence the description is words from Bolender himself.

What Is Extreme Mountain Trail?

People often ask, “What’s the difference between Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail?” In a word, Extreme Mountain Trail is just like Mountain Trail – except on steroids.

The sport of Mountain Trail requires the horse and rider to navigate trail obstacles with confidence and skill. This is in contrast to other equestrian sports like the Extreme Cowboy Race, which is essentially a speed trial where horse and rider must move from obstacle to obstacle as fast as possible. Finesse and precision are not important because scoring depends on swiftness alone.

The sport of Mountain Trail is especially exhilarating because it challenges horse and rider to navigate trail obstacles with technical accuracy, subtlety, and speed. There are graded levels of difficulty, where the most challenging are designed for the most experienced horse and rider.


Extreme Mountain Trail is similar to Mountain Trail but with far more difficult challenges in terms of the obstacles. It also requires a high level of finesse and boldness – and there also is the element of doing it all as quickly as possible. And the obstacles are usually much more challenging than you would experience on an actual trail ride or other horse show. They come at you one after another – and often together!

When various Mountain Trail obstacles are combined during competition, and you’re required to negotiate them quickly, the challenges are elevated to a whole different level. For example, negotiating either a gate, cowboy curtain or pond each is a common (and tough) Mountain Trail obstacle on its own. But when ALL of these are united into a single obstacle that must be navigated quickly, it constitutes one Extreme Mountain Trail obstacle that tasks even the best horse and rider.

A primary focus of both Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail is not only to properly negotiate the obstacles in a timely manner, but to execute them with finesse; something that only a true partnership between horse and rider can accomplish. Lack of subtlety is obvious to anybody watching. When horse and rider disconnect it seems like the rider is forcing the horse to perform the task of negotiating obstacles.

Finesse is gained by a partnership where mutual trust has developed. When this occurs, horse and rider appear as one single living being, an image few feats of man and beast can rival. It’s like a virtuoso violin performance, where the boundary between the human and the instrument becomes blurred and beautiful music results. So are the horse and rider who mutually trust their instincts, and together, negotiate seemingly impossible obstacles with the unmistakable beauty and delicacy of a trusted partnership.


Viking Theme Park

As we are in Denmark, and the horse park will be open for turists, we chose a viking theme!

viking Camp and tents

In the North end of the park, we'll have hill divided by a ditch, with a connection bridge. This area will be used by 'real' vikings during eventshows, and once in a while we will invite you to come and cook, fight, play and live with our local vikings.

The entrence portal

When you visit to Djurs Horse Park, you'll be met by a huge wooden portal. This will make sure, that you feel assured that you enter an area where magic happens. Magic that connect people with their horses, open minds, inspires and most certainly have fun!


Find us here

Den Hele Ekvipage ApS / Djurs Horse Park
Søholmvej 1, Nørager
8961 Allingåbro

Helle Knudsen
(+45) 40 52 39 56